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Acts 2:41-47

The curse of church today is often the challenge of seven days of worldly living tugging against two hours of Bible preaching. In some respects we Baptists may hope to be first in the resurrection since the Scripture says, "the dead in Christ will rise first."

Acts 2:41-47 gives us the essentials for a biblical church according to God's standard.

Sadly, today many who are looking for a church might flee from such a place since it had no building; no programs for the young people; no professional musical program and all of the "essentials" people seek.

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Faith Baptist Church was founded in 1963.  We celebrated our 50th anniversary in September, 2013. 

The founding pastor of the church was Ralph Lenz who served the congregation for more than 40 years until he was called to Glory in 2003. 

Dr. Dennis Michelson has served as only the second pastor of the church from 2003 until the present.  Both men have carried on the founding purpose of the church as stated in the Articles of Incorporation in 1963: "The purpose of this church is to glorify God through all of its ministries, reaching the lost for Christ and building up the believers in the most holy faith."